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"By a different acupuncturist I routinely had acupuncture sessions so was skeptical when I was recommended to try it once again since I didn't get the results I had hoped for prior. However after meeting Lilin at EK Holistic Acupuncture my mind completely changed. Her office is very clean and she is so warm and kind. From our first session I felt completely relaxed and comfortable. I immediately became a routine patient. Every session she sits down with you prior and asks how you've been, if there has been any other areas of pain, improvements etc. and offers exercises to help you at home. The time she takes with you truly shows how much she cares about each and every patient. Her technique is incredible and I have felt amazing results! I highly recommend Lilin at EK Holistic Acupuncture to everyone!'m a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy."

- Janel H.

"I am forever grateful to Dr. Elin Kan. And this post is long overdue since I've been going to her for a couple of years now. Prior to finding her, I have been seen by other acupuncturist for years for my chronic conditions- migraine, low back pain, lack of energy etc. My first initial consultation with her was very thorough. I can there for migraines but I also mentioned of my infertility situation after doing a series of IVF. She said she can help me with my migraine and she'll also help on some points for my infertility. My migraine is now manageable and if I get random migraine attacks, I'm very fortunate that she can accommodate me quickly to her schedule. The bonus side, I got pregnant naturally in between my IVF cycle and I attributed that to her healing. I have referred many patients to her since then and they've never been more satisfied with her care."

- LJ S.

"Lilin is absolutely amazing! She is caring, attentive and takes the time to really address what is truly going on. Words cannot express how incredible she is at what she does. She really wants to make sure that your needs are met and your are receiving the healing that is desired! Keep up the great work Lillin! You are incredible at what you do."

- Robert A.

"I came to Elin last week in excruciating pain from a herniated disc and pinched nerve in my back. I had been in the emergency room and vomiting from pain and pain medicine wasn't working so I thought "why not?" and gave this a try. I'd never done acupuncture before so I was terrified but I didn't feel a thing when she was performing it! Seriously-- She/it worked a miracle! I am pain free, haven't taken any medicine since seeing her and feel as if nothing ever happened. Everyone at work wants to know my secret and I gladly recommended everyone go see her!"

- J M.

"I am suffering from Sciatica. I have always been very active in sports but in the last 3 years these horrible cramps/spasms has done a toll to my body. My primary doctor just kept giving me meds. I have been doing acupuncture for a while but my old DR. Closed his office. I went today to Elin and OMG! She's so professional, patient, and great customer service. She took her time to understand my needs, that way she can treat/fix me. I'm definitely going back!"

- Wendy R.

"Great service! I have been going here for about 4 years. Every time that I go I feel like a new person."

Alejandra V.

"I highly recommend acupuncture to everyone and anyone who's seeking immediate relief from pain. Many people I discuss personal treatment experiences with regarding sports injuries and chronic pain agree that it was only acupuncture that was able to bring both relief and healing. Your own body's healing is facilitated and boosted to speed your recovery. This isn't like other modalities where you become dependent or obligated to costly ongoing regular treatment. In fact I would say the cost of help and relief is the most affordable and successful out there. I myself have only used acupuncture recently, and decades ago for a few visits at the time. Now on to EK or Elin Kan, she is the best, the sincerest and a true healer by nature. Her heartfelt concern and attention to your specific needs is a miracle in itself! I almost don't want to say that she spends above and beyond the time allotted for you because I don't want people to abuse her schedule- but it's true. You will not be rushed out, sold to or treated like a number. Believe it or not, she is compelled to help you, in this world of modern health care where your HMO GP doctor treats you like an action item to be crossed off, misdiagnoses you, and of course writes a prescription as quick as possible. Western healthcare is broken, folks. When she asks how you are feeling and doing each time you walk in, it is not just conversation or rhetoric. She genuinely wants to know how the last treatment helped in order to adjust her treatment as required, as you progress to better health. You are not only in truly caring hands, but truly capable hands. I was helped immensely on the first visit and subsequent 2 visits in relieving pain in a re-injured shoulder, along with chronic back and neck tension. I always leave EK's office feeling incredibly better, positively renewed, and happy that I'd gone. Let's add to that- grateful for her care and healing, and a sense of humble wonder at the power of our own body's healing when lovingly nudged on it's way."

- Rob T.

"I first came go saw Elin about a year ago for back pain and had a positive experience. So, when my cluster headaches came back I decided to see her again. Just like last time I was able to get an appointment super fast for the next day. Cluster headaches are very rare and I wasn't sure if Acupuncture would help... but one day after my treatment my head feels better and while my western medicine was also working-- the acupuncture just made me feel clearer. Thanks again Elin."

"I hurt my back at CrossFit and was desperate to try anything that night stop the terrible pain I was in. Simply walking short distances or getting up from a seated position was painful. I called Elin on Friday and was able to get an appointment for Saturday. Her office is clean and neat and I was the only person there. The consultation and treatment took about 2 hours. After it was over I slowly got up not sure what to expect--and to my surprise... the stabbing pain id been experiencing the past few days was gone. Was I 100% pain free-- no. But I felt so much better than I had before. I plan to go back for more treatments next week. Note: she also accepts several insurances and is in network for mine (UHC).

- Brian P.

"If you’re looking for someone who sincerely cares about your wellness, then look no further! Dr. Kan is the practitioner you’ve been searching for! Dr. Kan is the most thorough Acupuncturist I’ve had the privilege of meeting.

She listens very carefully about your concerns and sets a plan to really take control of your pain and wellbeing.

I originally found Dr. Kan, from my girlfriend who had major back pain from a serious car accident.
She told me Dr. Kan not only does acupuncture and fire cupping during her sessions but offered her Gua Sha.

I love Gua Sha treatments. It hurts like hell, and it makes my skin look like I’ve had a few rounds in the boxing ring, but there is no other modality that can relieve the pain and bring circulation back to my body than Gua Sha!

There’s only a small pool of acupuncturists that know how to implement the Gua Sha tool effectively. And what I mean by this, is Dr. Kan uses the tool efficiently by cross sectionally moving the fascia tissues, rather than the usual vertical strokes.

I respect Dr. Kan immensely and I am a forever patient, wherever she goes I will follow!"

- Jm L.

"I have been going to Elin for acupuncture sessions since February 2021 for my joint pain, hormone balance and for over all blood flow issues. Elin is patient and good at making me comfortable. Since I started seeing Elin my overall wellbeing has improved. She goes our her way to accommodate me during weekends."

- Sumi D.


"Highly recommend Elin. She takes the time to pinpoint your exact issues with the result being actual pain relief. Can even improve overall health such as skin issues and when supplements will help she recommends them. Plus, she takes insurance!"

- Cristina D

"Elin, the acupuncturist, is very knowledgeable and professional. She takes the time to really understand your needs. Just one session helped speed up the recovery from a sports injury. Would recommend for general relaxation or body maintenance as well."

- Andrew C.


"I am so lucky to have Dr. Elin for my acupuncture needs. Her treatments have helped me greatly in recovering from a lower back injury. She is very knowledgeable in her practice and thorough in treating my pain points. I can not wait till my next appointment. Thanks again."

- Roger J.

"Elin is amazing. She was honest with what treatment is the best for me and she didn't try selling me services I didn't need. She did a full thorough analysis of my condition, was attentive and I felt like she was genuine about how much she cared. I have scoliosis and am a runner so I was having a lot of pain in my lower back and hip. If anyone is looking for an alternative eastern pain management person, she is your gal."

- T G.

"I highly recommend this place and the acupuncture treatment. Environment is clean and relaxing. I don't do acupuncture regularly; used to look for quick treatment for my sudden muscle pain due to exercise. Then one day I found this clinic online with promotion of consultation; booked one appointment and was surprised how Dr. Kan took time to go through my health history and concerns; provided info about recommended acupuncture treatment, advice of how I can improve my random neck/shoulder pain due to long hours of using computer. She is kind and professional. I did not have time for a treatment on same day but I made decision to must come back soon after our conversation. On the day of actual treatment, again Dr. Kan is still patient to go over my problem areas. I like her holistic approach; it is for whole body not just specific problem. I have learned something new through her explanation and knowledge behind the practice. I felt relief and the sore neck/shoulder problem was reduced. I plan to come back regularly."

- Chloe P.

"Great place Elin is wonderful highly recommend for anything that is causing you pain. Allow her to work with you and you will not regret your visit everyone must go.She did a full thorough analysis of my condition, was attentive and I felt like she was genuine about how much she cared."

- Juan V.

"I was introduced by a friend when we traveled to CA. The office was very clean and neat. Dr. Kan was very nice and professional. I felt much better after her treatments. I definitely will recommend this place to anyone who needs it."

- Benny H.


"I suffered from neck and back pain while traveling in Los Angeles. After 2 treatments within a week, my neck and back had a significant release in pain. Dr. Kan really cares about helping patient's body heal. I would highly recommend coming in for a treatment as you will leave feeling refreshed and fixed."

- Wanyu Y.

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